Well I’m about ready to go see a chiropractor. Does anybody have a suggestion for a Raleigh chiropractor? Somebody you trust? I’d prefer someone who just does the job simply, honestly, and effectively. I’ve just been putting myself into such painful situations lately and it’s not been going very good for me. My shoulders, my back, and my neck are always in all sorts of different types of pain. I keep telling my friends about it and they keep saying that if I’m going to keep bitching and moaning and complaining about it, that I got to go to a chiropractor to justify my whining. Now, I’ve never been to a chiropractor before, and I have no idea what I should be expecting. It seems like such a strange procedure, but so many people that I’ve talked to who have gone to one have said that it is a pretty good time. I’m worried that he’s going to diagnose me with some kind of spine problem, or or give me some sort of ludicrous workout routine that makes me do yoga or Tai Chi or something… I’m not into that kind of thing but I would be willing to do some requisite stretching or something of the sort if it meant that I could finally get rid of this horrible pain that is constantly plaguing my existence. So, if you have any ideas as to which of the many chiropractors in this city that I should give it a shot, just let me know when I’ll do it. I’m ready to take a chance on a brand new type of procedure. I hear all the time we have to try new things, So I’m gonna do just that. It seems like the benefits will probably outweigh the negative parts, and if it doesn’t work for me I just won’t do it again.