Honestly, the thing with photography is that it is always evolving, and that you can’t fight progress. Anybody who ever tried to fight the progress of any element of Photography never ended up on the wrong side of the battle. Trust me, it continues to advance and it continues to grow, and that’s just how things work. Although, I will admit, that it is not as easy as it sounds sometimes. Sometimes, it is actually very difficult to ignore this kind of progress, and other such things in the realm of who sing that you care most about, but I don’t think that that is a proper excuse, although I understand and empathize with it. In my opinion, there’s no excuse for that type of attitude.

Anytime I hear anybody complain about photo filter applications or the accessibility of great photography gear, I feel a little bit betrayed. I know that everybody who’s complaining, unless they were born into an embarrassing amount of riches, would have appreciated the same accessibility to high-quality equipment and programming when they were just beginning. Now that people are in a place of privilege, they don’t want to deal with the fact that the people who they used to be have more than they had. However, it doesn’t make sense, because everything is always relative. Just because they have this much now, doesn’t mean that that is equivalent to how it would have been, in a literal way. It would have been relative to how it’s always been, in my opinion. So what, in the 90s they didn’t have photo filter apps cool. The best photographers also didn’t have the amazing things that are available to them now, either. So, it really goes both ways. And, like I said, in my opinion it is all relative. But, that’s just me and my perspective on the matter. It’s not necessarily valid, or anything like that, it’s literally just what I feel about this. Which, I think is fairly valid as I am a rather experience web content producer, and I’ve been an amateur many things.