We all have that urge to make the best things for our loved ones. We love seeing them happy. We love making time for them and letting them know how much we love them. That is why it is importance that we give them gifts, little or big, to let them know how much they mean to them. In giving gifts, it is important to know the person’s quality. What does she doe? Does she loves sports? How about her hobbies? Is she into crafts making or she loves blogging? Whatever her interest, take note of it and get an idea from there. What I did when my mother had her birthday is that I gave her a wood watch. I know that my mother loves to go out but she always forgets the time. For her 60th birthday, I gave her a wood watch! Yes, I bought the best wooden watches for my mother in an online shop which I have been frequenting and when my mother saw it, I saw her eyes glimmer. So now, my mother is always taking note of the time through her pink wood watch. Actually, she said I need to buy more and she advised me to just give her another wood watch, a blue color, for Christmas and for Mother’s Day. How about you? Do you have your own way of giving gifts to your loved ones? Share it down below in the comments sections!