How to choose the best app name and keywords for app store optimization?

ASO is very important to prevent your app from becoming invisible on the app store. With thousands of similar apps on the app store, you must find the right way to make your app stand out. This will help you fight off competition and prevent other apps from stealing your potential users. For this reason, this article will explain the best ways to deal with the 2 most important app discoverability components: the app name and the app keywords:

How to choose the best name for your app?

Apple Store gives a limit of 50 characters only to use when choosing your app name. This is to prevent keyword stuffing to make sure that the name is genuine.

App store keywords from the app title weigh the most:

The keywords found in the app name have a bigger impact than those keywords written in the keywords field. Because they are very limited in number, this makes their effect even stronger and more obvious.

What is the optimal app name?

It should be easy to understand and unique. You should always look at your competitors and either choose to deliver something that it is totally different from what they offer. Or try to strike back by offering the same set of keywords used in a better way. You have to choose the least amount yet the strongest set of keywords.

What should be the keyword position in the app name?

Some theories claim that keywords put at the first half of your app name rank higher than those put elsewhere. This is because they are more displayed to users and won’t truncate. In other words, you can simply reposition your keywords by placing them in descending order of importance in your app name.

How to find the right keywords?

There is a big number of tools that will help you monitor, audit and optimize your keywords and their performance. Such tools will also help your find your competitor’s keywords and help you come up with new ones.

What is a good keyword?

Ideally you should start with a long list of keywords that are closely related to the app purpose and analyze their performance then start narrowing your choices down until coming up with your final list. These should be the most relevant and most popular ones.


Choosing the right app name and the proper keywords is the key factor in the success of your app store optimization strategy.