Well, what can I say about this new scooter I recently tried out? I can say that it is absolutely revolutionary. I would try to explain more to you, but here is a link to their Official information:  https://unumotors.com/de/.  In my opinion, this is the best scooter that I’ve ever experienced, and I have experienced a lot of scooters. The thing that really stands apart to me is that it is completely electric, there is no fossil fuel that is used in operation. It is all electricity. And you can Source your own electricity however you want, because the portable battery it’s very easy to charge. You can plug it into any Outlet, there’s no special garage or parking spot you need, it is a very portable battery that can be removed easily and plugged into any wall. A full charge only takes 5 hours and that covers fifty kilometers of driving. In the city, 50 kilometers takes you a long way. For most people, it takes them 3 days to get even close to 50 kilometers, and that 5-hour charge is easy to do overnight. One of the most inventive things but the scooters is the way that you order it. That’s right, you order it. Online. You choose the colors you want, and when you do that they begin production. So you’re not buying one-off a lot, you’re designing it choosing your colors, and choosing which engine you want. This all impact the price, but generally they’re all under 3000 Euro. Which is a good price. Especially considering you’re never going to be paying for oil and gas again, and the engine is basically maintenance-free. I can’t see anything that would cause a problem with this machine. It is built to last, and built to be a sustainable and engaging product.