Me, Myself, and I


I have been very busy lately due to work. I got accepted in an advertising agency which I have been eyeing since i was college. It is my dream job to become a creative director for a known advertising company and I got accepted soon after graduted. However, i did not expect this will be too tough for me. I mean, I love my job. Please do not get me wrong but the work has been very overwhelming that I do not know what to put on priority. I think everything should be on top and I just evdn up juggling and multitasking every work given to me. As i was drinking coffee last Tuesday, I though i think i need something to cloud my mind. Something that should take away those stressful oment at work. I think I need to have a passion project. And so i think if getting back to takin photos which for me was my breather in college. I missed my 360 kamera and my digital camera which I have been using for six months in college. I am actually looking into buying the next best 360 camera to add to my collection. I think i need to put up again another exhibit after going on a three week rest. I am thinking this would make my mind fresh and delighred.