What I Learned from College



College has taught me a lot of things. It taught me to persevere. To be hardworking and to not give up whatever come my way. I remember the time I failed to join the singing club and I was so heartbroken at failure. I also remember when I was not chosen to be part of a play and the school’s paper despite my initiative and hard work.

My professor, whom I remember, who always wears a Zegarki wood watch, told me that in order to reach for our dreams you need not to give up. You need to stand up and fight again and still continue to your goal whatever challenge comes your way. If you are focused on your goal, no hindrance would be big enough to be a wall to your dream. She is actually my inspiration in every job I take as a manager. I am so happy to meet my professor who gave me the right motivation and encouragement to fulfill my dreams. Now that I am at the corporate world, I am paying back though training people and giving them advises on how to reach their life goals.